Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Morgan Mandel's Inspiration for Girl of My Dreams

Designation: Sweet Romance

Some of you have probably heard this before, but for those who haven't, I wrote my humorous contemporary romance, Girl of My Dreams, as a relief after finishing my first book, an intensely dark mystery, Two Wrongs, which explored the grievous consequences of wrongful imprisonment on an accuser and the one he accused.

As I searched for a light concept for my new book, old memories came to mind. I remembered how since early childhood, when I'd go with my Dad and brothers to pick out a stack books from the library, I'd always hunt for Cinderella and add it to my pile. Though I'd read it countless times, the story still held its appeal.

In Girl of My Dreams, I created my own Cinderella story with a hero who didn't immediately recognize the heroine's potential beauty until a transformation occurs, changing her from plain to super-beauty. I enjoyed glamorizing the straitlaced temp assistant who felt it her duty to save the day when one last contestant is needed for a reality show. Like a modern day Cincerella, my heroine's hidden qualities come to light, not only wowing the hero, but also everyone else, just like in the book I always picked out at the library.

Of course, there's much more to the plot, including a disgrountled, jealous contestant, the hero's coming to grips with his love/hate relationship with his parents, and lots of fun happenings as the contestants travel to exotic locales across the globe in the quest to win the main prize of the billionaire. Will my heroine win him?  Is he the Man of Her Dreams?

If you want to know what happens, Girl of My Dreams is available on Kindle and all other electronic venues for 99 cents.

Morgan Mandel loves writing romances, thrillers and mysteries and also likes combining the genres.

She's a past president of Chicago-North RWA, and past library liaison for Midwest MWA, belongs to Sisters in Crime and EPIC.

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Her main blog is: http://morganmandel.blogspot.com/
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  1. Just picked up your book Girl of My Dreams!

  2. Thanks, Bella.
    I hope you like my Cinderella story. I had a great time writing it!

    Morgan Mandel