Monday, July 30, 2012

Jill Hughey's Sass Meets Class

Sass Meets Class in Jill Hughey's new romance

Conversation gets pricklier than a cactus and desert temperatures are bound to rise when American common sense meets British nobility in 1880s Arizona Territory.

We are all feeling patriotic with the Olympics in full swing and the flash of Independence Day fireworks still bright in our memories.  With an American heroine and British hero, Sass Meets Class is a sweet historical romance perfect to keep you in the summer mood.  Both heroine and hero are ready to assert their independence.  Might a blossoming friendship mean they could become independent together?

Susan Mellott doubts there is much substance to the Englishman who has been traveling west with her family.  When two Apaches threaten the wagon and her Pa has gallivanted ahead as usual, Susan fears she may have to defend herself and her sister alone.  She soon learns that the fancy-talking, boot-polishing Alexander Dorcester knows how to handle a gun.  Their paths part in Gateway, and even though Susan knows he will be visiting his parents just five miles away, her family's new general store requires so much attention she mostly forgets about the Redcoat.  Until he arrives to do some shopping with his oh-so-proper mother.  He returns alone the next month, then again the week after, and the week after.  Not sure of his intentions but certain of her own interest, Susan decides to encourage Alex a little.  Next thing she knows, he's bolted for England.

Or has he?  An unexpected letter from Wyoming brings both hope and despair to Susan.  Does she dare to keep dreaming about her British viscount?  Time and distance and secrets cannot end a friendship meant to be love.

Sass Meets Class is a dose of small-town life, complete with an old coot on the general store porch and it was a refreshing story to write.  It is completely different from my other books that are set in Europe in the 830s (yes, that is eight hundred thirty) and are definitely spicy.  I really enjoyed the light-heartedness of Sass Meets Class and I admire Susan's spunk.  The biggest writing challenge was keeping Alexander and Susan "alive" to each other when he is in Wyoming.  I used an unexpected stand-in for Alex and a few letters to keep the conversations and emotions flowing.   When he finally returns he knows exactly what he wants but learns that Susan has not been waiting around for him to deliver her happily-ever after!

When I'm not writing, I work part-time as a business administrator and I take voice lessons.  Most important, I take care of my hubbie and two teenaged sons.  Football practices have begun so I will be happily typing away on a laptop most evenings until October!

Thank you to Sweet Not Spicy for having me here today.  Sass Meets Class is available as an ebook on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and in print on Createspace and at the Amazon link.  I can be found on Facebook at and you can follow me on Twitter @jillhughey.

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  1. Welcome to Sweet Not Spicy, Jill. Love the concept of your sweet historical novel and the small town setting!

    Morgan Mandel

    1. Thank you for the opportunity to be here, Morgan. You have a beautiful blog.

  2. What a great premise for a love story. I do think you have a winner, here. Stories about small towns--even in the Nineteenth Century always fascinate me. I enjoyed meeting you and learning about the book. I "liked" you on FB. (find Celia Yeary-Author on FB if you want to.)
    Good luck to you!

    1. Thank you for visiting, Celia! I have already liked your FB page because we are on the same great loop!

  3. Enjoyed meeting you and reading about your book. Sounds like a terrific summer read.