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Celia Yeary's Charlotte and the Tenderfoot

Charlotte and the Tenderfoot--a 99 cent Dime Novel

What This Sweet Romance is About:
While driving home in her buggy, Charlotte Dewhurst discovers a man lying by the road. William Montgomery, an attorney, was passing through the area when accosted by two hoodlums. The resulting court case keeps Will in town. His attitudes confuse Charlotte as he seeks her company, yet proclaims he will soon be moving on. But Will may be the most confused one of all.
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About the Author:

Celia Yeary is an eighth-generation Texan, and her life revolves around family, friends, and writing. San Marcos has been her home for thirty-eight years. She has nine published romance/women's fiction novels, three short stories, two novellas, three anthologies, and published essays with the Texas Co-Op Power Magazine. The author is a former science teacher, mother of two, grandmother of three boys, and wife of a wonderful, supportive Texan. Celia and her husband enjoy traveling, and both are involved in their church, the community, and the university.
Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas

And Now Celia Tells Us About Dime Novels:
Charlotte and the Tenderfoot is a 22,000 word story called a "Dime Novel." In the 1800s, Dime Novels might be considered the paperback books of their day. They told tales of mountain men, explorers, soldiers, lawmen, or Indian fighters. Sometime a female character provided a bit of a love story.
Critics of dime novels often denounced them as immoral, perhaps because of violent content. But the books themselves actually tended to reinforce conventional values of the time, such as patriotism, bravery, self-reliance, and American nationalism.
Modern Western Historical novels and Western Historical Romance novels hold to the same standards: Truth, Justice, and The American Way; ie, treat women and children with respect, as well as your neighbor, protect the downtrodden, and carry out justice within the law...if at all possible.
Today, Western Historical Romance novels and true Westerns are published as Dime Novels at "Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery" through the imprint Western Trail Blazers. The Dime Novels are shorter stories, perhaps novellas, priced at 99Cents.
The idea intrigued me. Since I had nine full-length novels published traditionally, along with two novellas and three anthologies, I found myself writing 22,000 word stories with catchy titles. As of this moment, I have three WTB Dime Novels:

Titles, in order of date of publication:
Angel and the Cowboy
Addie and the Gunslinger
Charlotte and the Tenderfoot.
Coming Soon:
Kat and the U.S. Marshal
These have been highly successful, landing on Amazon's best-seller lists: Top 100 Best Western Romances, Top 100 Genre Fiction/Westerns, and Top 100 Action/Adventure/Westerns.
If you try one of these, I hope you like it! I've had more fun writing and selling these than I have any other novel I have published. Also, the covers use photos of Jimmy Thomas.
Celia's Website
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  1. Welcome to Sweet Not Spicy, Celia. I love the concept of those 99 cent Dime Novels! A perfect size for a Sweet Western romance!

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Terrific post, Celia. I'm definitely intrigued with dime novels, then and now! xoxox

  3. Best of luck with all your dime novels, Celia. Wish there was some equivalent here in the UK!

  4. It's nice to see the Dime Novel coming back!

  5. Celia, congratulations on your success on Amazon bestsellers lists.

  6. I like your dime novel idea. 22,000 words is a nice length. Easy to read in a day. I might try it myself

  7. Hi Celia,

    The dime novels are such a great idea. The market is ripe for short novellas like this - folks have less time to read, or they want to finish something as they wait in the doctor's office.

    I'm thrilled at your success in this genre - hooray!