Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Working Behind the Scenes

Jillian Baker, the heroine in my sweet romantic comedy, Girl of My Dreams, is content to work behind the scenes as a temporary assistant to the producer at a TV studio. Only when a crisis occurs, does she ignore her reticence, step up to the plate and be a contestant in a reality show, where all eyes are upon her.

Since this is fiction, my heroine sheds her ordinary persona and gets noticed in a big way. I'm happy for her, but there are so many of us in the real world who never get noticed in our everyday life and jobs. I toiled for years as a secretary, and hardly ever got thank yous from clients or bosses for my efforts. I'm sure others of you can relate as well.

The entertainment world fares no better. I notice who stars in a show, might even remember one or two of the secondary characters, especially if they're cute, pretty or quirky. Still, how about the tons of men and women who toil behind the scenes, yet never get recognized? I know for a fact that I don't bother to look at the movie or TV credits to see who did the lighting, makeup, or any other necessary jobs behind the scenes.

Am I the only one who pays no attention to the hardworkers behind the scenes?

Speaking of Working Behind the Scenes, I'm actually the blog owner of Sweet Not Spicy. I enjoy showcasing the many talented authors of Sweet Romance and Fiction, but every once in a while I like to pop in to let readers know I'm a real person and also have a Sweet Romance available, as well as three other novels.

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  1. Working behind the scenes is certainly not for everyone. I'm not often a front-and-center type myself, but it is nice to be recognized by peers and managers. (Or readers!)

  2. Yes, working behind the scenes isn't for everyone, but if we didn't have those working behind the scenes so much would never get accomplished!

    Morgan Mandel

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  4. I always believed that number two in an organization was the real strength behind number one. But number two needs an honest and strong number one to support. When our number one failed in his personal life and left his position(executive director) and was replaced by an ineffective outsider with different goals, I as a number two (program director)eventually crashed, resulting in my leaving the organization and finally pursuing and achieving my dream of teaching! But first, I was number two again, assisting a very qualified teacher for a few years before I became a teacher myself.

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  5. And there are so many others below number two who don't have much of a chance of being noticed, but are essential

    Morgan Mandel

  6. Some people thrive in the behind the scenes limelight, and by that I mean, they love to see a fabulous event take shape and be successful. Every event has likely got someone who doesn't get enough credit! Well done, for promoting them Morgan!

  7. You are so right about the behind-the-scenes workers! I spent a lot of years as a legal secretary and was always treated as a sub-species. More recently as a computer programmer, I encountered the same attitude! YAY for writing about a situation most of us live!

  8. Keep me behind the scenes and I'll do fine. Being the top banana isn't all it's cracked up to be.