Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reviews Do Matter by Morgan Mandel

I wasn't sure before, but now I must admit that reviews do matter. As with other aspects of life, more often than not, success breeds success.

When you think about it, given a choice, how many readers pick a book with more rotten reviews than good ones? Public opinion does make a difference.

Her Handyman
By Morgan Mandel
There are some readers who are even so circumspect they'll only read books approved by fancy reviewers, such as Kirkus. Okay, that's going too far. As long as fellow authors and average readers take the time to share their thoughts about my books, I'm happy with hearing from them. Also, many have a great way with words! Here are a few examples from reviews of Her Handyman.

Elizabeth (Jinx Schwartz) says,
"Jake of all Trades is a hunk, Zoe is a spacey, rich, artist, and they meet over a broken toilet"

Reader Forever (Mona Risk) says, 

"his first meeting with Zoe, although a professional one, will throw their lives into an unexpected rollercoaster"

Jeep (Paula Steffen) says, 

"the ingredients for a frothy concoction of boy-meets-girl romance"

These are just some of the most recent examples. You can find the rest of what these reviewers wrote, as well as more reviews for Her Handyman on Amazon at http://amzn.com/B0097EVXBK.

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