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Sweet Romance Author Donna Wright Shares Her Series and Her Tips

Donna Wright, although raised near New York City, is a country girl at heart.  Born in East Tennessee, she thinks of it as the only place to live.  She’s written stories all her life, but became serious about romance writing in 1997 when she discovered a local chapter of Romance Writers of America®

As an extremely active member of the Smoky Mountain Romance Writers, she entered all the contests they sponsored. After being a finalist in several of them, she won one that bragged Erin Niumata as the final round judge. Erin offered her a contract as soon as the book was finished and the rest is history.

 Donna now has four books with Avalon/Montlake called the TENNESSEE: LOVE series. She has spoken at the Romance Writers of America® National conference, and several other conferences and chapter meetings.

Donna's Advice:
The Cautionary Tale by Donna Wright

I was once asked that if I could give new writers advice, what it would be. I think that there are 2 pieces of advice that I would like to share. I hope that someone will benefit from my experience.

First, Be careful.
I can’t stress this enough. Let me explain why. There are several choices writers can make that can damage their careers. First, be careful who you do business with. If you have been offered a contract with and agent, check her out. Compare her contract with others. Is this agency trying to charge you anything up front? No?  Then, they pass the first test. But, make sure you have all your ducks in a row, you’ve done your research and you are going into the relationship with your eyes open.

Be careful what you say and to whom you say it. If you have a beef with someone in the business, keep it among friends. That doesn’t mean all your Facebook friends. It means keep your business your business. Publishing is a small community and everyone knows everyone. Maybe today you aren’t looking for a contract with New York, but plans change. If you look at the face of publishing today it doesn’t look remotely like it did ten years ago. Who knows what it will be another ten years? Cover yourself by keeping your cards close to the vest. Lastly, with all this talk of what publishing is like today, know your industry. It changes almost by the minute. Whatever you decide to do whether it is New York, indie publishing, or finding an agent go into it with your eyes open. Bottom line: Know your stuff.

And the other piece of advice:

I hope you find these thoughts helpful. And, I wish you all the best in writing.


The Tennessee: Love Series by award-winning author Donna Wright takes place in the small fictional city of Ft White, TN. 

In book one; we meet two attorneys who are fighting the biggest custody battle in the state. After much ado they realize the child is really a pot bellied pig, Joey. This little guy appears in all four books and keeps the reader laughing while playing match maker. 

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