Sunday, January 22, 2012

Designations: Sweet or Sweet, Discreet

I've had a few authors ask me if their books would qualifty to be included here, so maybe this will answer their question.

Accepted are Romance and other Fiction following one of the two guidelines below. For clarification to readers, each author should designate which one it is.

Sweet - Attraction to a member of the opposite sex, feeling good about being with that person, wanting to pursue or continue a relationship, sweet kisses, putting an arm around that someone, but not going any further in the sex department.

Sweet, Discreet - Feeling an attraction to a member of the opposite sex. If it's followed through, it's either understood to be behind closed doors; or, if it's mentioned in the here and now, no graphic and/or overly long details dwelling on body organs and body responses.

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  1. Dear Morgan,

    You already know me - Rosemary Morris published by MuseItUp Publishing. I would enjoy participating in Sweet not Spicy if you will allow me to.

    I hope you enjoyed Christmas and wish you a very happy New Year,

    All the best,
    Historical Novelist